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Deltavit, Creative Expert of Farm Specialities

For more than 40 years, DELTAVIT, a specialist in animal nutrition and health, has been supplying farm specialities intended for ruminants, poultry, pigs and rabbits: nutritional supplements, mineral feeds, young livestock feeds and lick blocks.

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A specialist in animal nutrition & health for more than 40 years

Based in Brittany, DELTAVIT designs, develops and markets specialist product ranges for livestock through a network of distributors in France and overseas, as well as various livestock diagnostics techniques used to assess the condition of the animals and their needs.

A subsidiary of the CCPA Group, a union of cooperatives specialised in animal nutrition and health, DELTAVIT was founded in 1976 and has at its disposal all of the technical and commercial skills needed to create and develop effective, innovative product solutions for monogastrics and ruminants. For you, this means the guarantee of implementing a range of farm products suited to your markets.

From powders to liquids, taking in pellets, boluses and lick blocks or effervescent cakes and tablets, DELTAVIT offers a wide choice of nutritional specialities suitable for every problem with livestock. DELTAVIT can also rely on a major and diverse distribution network: distributors, groups of producers, feed manufacturers, dairies, veterinarians…Today, DELTAVIT is positioned as one of the leaders in farm and health products for monogastrics and ruminants.

Development and manufacture of Farm Specialities

Innovation is a key component within the company. It relies, among other things, on its experts and the CCPA Group’s research and development team to develop its products and services and create added value for the entire livestock sector.

Indeed, the Group undertakes major R&D projects to provide effective, tried and tested feed solutions from R&D to the experimental station and, ultimately, the livestock farms.

It can also boast a network of multi-species reference farms for testing its innovations, a research station specialised in monogastrics, EURONUTRITION, and a laboratory specialised in animal nutrition and health, the ARTEMIS Laboratory. This very far-reaching R&D arsenal, in tandem with numerous partnerships with research bodies, makes it possible to develop DELTAVIT’s very technical and innovative product ranges.

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Industrial site of Trégueux, to produce more and better

In order to support DELTAVIT’s business growth, an industrial site dedicated to Farm Specialities was inaugurated in Trégueux in 2019. The aim of this plant is to meet the growing demand for a wider variety of associated products and services to complement offers that already exist.

With its surface area of 3,200 m², its 2,500,000 litres of production capacity and its 15 Farm Specialities production and packaging lines, Deltavit’s industrial site ably demonstrates its outstanding production capabilities.

Quality is also a stand-out issue for the firm which, with its staff and processes, has mastered each and every stage of product design, manufacture, testing and market release. The plant provides all the facilities and comfort needed to develop products in different galenic forms (liquids, gels, soluble powders, effervescent cakes and tablets): a galenic development laboratory covering more than 70 m², an extensive sample library to control the traceability of all raw materials and finished products, and state-of-the-art production tools.



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