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Our products for swine

Find all Deltavit Swine products under 4 themes: Vitality, Respiratory Comfort, Thermal Comfort and Digestive Comfort.

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Delta® Patoral®

Combining energy (medium-chain triglyceride, cod liver oil and fish liver oil), colostrum, vitamins and a natural extract rich in flavonoids, Delta Patoral gives piglets a boost at birth.


  • Supports the growth performance (ADG within 48 hours of birth)

  • Brings vitality for newborns

  • Distributes easily with dosing pump system

Formats: Can of 250 ml and dosing pump

Composition: Medium chain triglycerides, colostrum, apiculture by-products, fish oil, cod liver oil, sorbitol, propylene glycol, sodium salt of benzoic acid.


Respiratory Comfort

Delta® Respimint

This solution concentrated in aromatic substances (including eucalyptus and peppermint) contributes to respiratory well-being for use in the event of specific challenges (ammonia...).


  • Supports demedication or antibiotic stewardship

  • Suits for multi-species (poultry, pigs, ruminants)

  • Reduces waste and transport costs with a concentrated formula

Formats: Can 1 L, 5 L, 20 L*

Composition: Glycerine, propylene glycol.


Digestive Comfort

Securitor® Piglet

The unique composition of Securitor Piglet (heat-treated wheat, palatable energy-rich nutrients and electrolytes) helps maintain digestive comfort in piglets.


  • Excellent palatability with a unique salty, sweet and acidic taste

  • Improves feces quality

  • Supports consumption

  • Can be used from the first days of life until the end of post-weaning

Format: Bag of 20 kg* (can be used dry, mixed in water or in gruel)

Composition: Pregelatinized wheat, wheat, maltodextrin, sugar, sodium gluconate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, pea protein, extruded corn blend, wheat bran, fermented milk products, extruded soybeans, quartz.

Securitor Piglet 

Securitor® Flash and Securitor® Essential

Combining organic acid and aromatic substances, Securitor Flash and Securitor Essential help to support digestive comfort when needed.


  • Supports demedication or antibiotic stewardship

  • Suits for multi-species (poultry, pigs)

  • Modulates the water consumption

  • Increases in feces dry matter

Format: Can of 5 L*

Composition: Sodium salt of benzoic acid, sorbitol, propylene glycol.

Securitor Flash et Essential 

*Other formats may be available, please contact your Deltavit sales representative for more information.

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