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Private label: Customized and on-demand nutritional solutions

Customized and on-demand nutritional solutions to meet all expectations. DELTAVIT has all the technical and commercial skills needed to develop and manufacture effective and innovative solutions.

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Deltavit can manufacture your own products - the choice of quality

Deltavit designs, develops and markets farm specialities under contract manufacturing (feed supplements, dietary and mineral feeds, etc.). With its production plant located in Trégueux (Brittany, France), Deltavit can handle any and all contract manufacturing requests in every galenic form (powder, liquid, paste, tablet, etc.) suited to the needs of the different species.

Why call in Deltavit to handle your contract manufacturing?

  • Technological support: Deltavit manufactures farm specialities on your behalf in the galenic forms of your choice at one of its three manufacturing and packaging plants (powder, liquid, paste).
  • Outsourced expertise: Deltavit designs custom formulas on your behalf to deal with the feed issues that you face, with the support of its formulation, regulatory, zootechnical and galenic experts.
  • Increased business: Deltavit is capable of dealing with your exceptional production burdens.

Development and manufacture of Farm Specialities

Deltavit has all of the technical and sales skills needed to develop and manufacture effective and innovative solutions for monogastrics and ruminants. Made with stringently selected ingredients and backed by our phyto-expertise, Deltavit offers a wide choice of products suited to any and all livestock farming issues

The various steps taken to create your own product

  • Contact our sales representatives dedicated to contract manufacturing
  • Definition of the specifications (species targeted, problems to be resolved, desired raw materials, etc.) with our sales representative
  • Analysis of the specifications and optimisation of the formula by our galenic development laboratory and our Regulations Department
  • Submission of a quotation: price, product availability and delivery time

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