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Our products for ruminant

Find all Deltavit Ruminant products under 4 themes: Vitality, Digestive Security, Respiratory Comfort and Energy Precursors.

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Delta PATORAL SE is a whiplash syringe that helps calves stand up and stimulates the first feed. Distribute a syringe directly into the mouth as soon as possible after birth.


  • Improves startup and growth

  • Boosts the animal at birth (thanks to natural antioxidants and energy)

Formats: 10 Syringes Box - 15 mL Syringe - Paste

Composition: Linseed oil, rapeseed oil, yeast derived products, propylene glycol, sodium salt of benzoic acid.

Patoral SE   


The MORPHOSTAR program (combining Morphostar feed solution and Morphobaby nutritional supplement) is designed specifically to achieve morphology goals associated to a better milk production career.


  • Complements the starter feed over the first weeks of life to provide the technical dose of Mophostar nucleus

  • Optimizes growth

  • Contributes to the early development of the rumen

  • Improves profitability (better milk production career)

Format: Bag of 15 kg - Powder

Composition: Sugar, yeast derivatives, carob flour, sodium chloride. Ingredient from organic agriculture.


Digestive Security

Delta® Argivo SE

Delta® ARGIVO® SE ensures very early spontaneous consumption, supporting the calf at start-up and helping it to get through the "immune gap". It can also be used as part of an intervention plan to combat digestive disorders in young ruminants.


  • Avoids slippage during a phase of critical growth: tranquility

  • Ensures rapid and spontaneous consumption: 2 times more consumed than clay

  • Slows down transit of the animal

Format: Bag of 15 kg - Powder

Composition: Sugar, sorbitol, carob flour, yeast derivatives, sodium chloride.

Argivo SE  

Delta® pH Control UAB

Delta pH CONTROL is a product designed to reduce the risk of acidosis in dairy and beef cattle. Presented in powder form, it provides economically sustainable and profitable protection for acid-generating rations, by limiting drops in ruminal pH.


  • Keeps the pH of the rumen at a constant level for more safety

  • Has a high buffering capacity, thanks to an association of clays

Formats: Bag of 25 kg, 625 kg Big-Bag - Powder

Composition: Sodium chloride, magnesium oxide.

Delta pH Control UAB  

Respiratory Comfort

Delta® Respimint GR

Delta Respimint Gr is a complementary feed formulated with essential oils to help maintain the growth performance of young animals under respiratory stress. It is a highly palatable product that can be consumed quickly by young weaned animals.


  • Contributes to respiratory comfort

  • Maximises growth

  • Contributes to better adaptation

Format: Bucket of 10 kg - Powder

Composition: Wheat middlings, calcium carbonate, alfalfa, soybean meal, sodium chloride, wheat, rapeseed fat.

Respimint Gr   

Energy Precursors

Delta® Green

Delta® Green is a functional liquid product made up of different sugars with complementary actions and plants that provide energy support during parturition.


  • Stimulates ruminal activity

  • Increases ingestion

  • Brings high quality energy sources (sugars and plants)

Formats: 25 kg or 60 kg canister, 250 kg barrel or 1200 kg tank - Liquid

Composition:  Glucose molasses, malt, sorbitol, glycerine

Delta Green  

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