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Our products for ruminant

Find all Deltavit Ruminant products under 4 themes: Vitality, Digestive Security, Respiratory Comfort and Energy Precursors.

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Delta PATORAL SE is a whiplash syringe that helps calves stand up and stimulates the first feed. Distribute a syringe directly into the mouth as soon as possible after birth.


  • Improves startup and growth

  • Boosts the animal at birth (thanks to natural antioxidants and energy)

Formats: 10 Syringes Box - 15 mL Syringe - Paste

Patoral SE   


The MORPHOSTAR program (combining Morphostar feed solution and Morphobaby nutritional supplement) is designed specifically to achieve morphology goals associated to a better milk production career.


  • Complements the starter feed over the first weeks of life to provide the technical dose of Mophostar nucleus

  • Optimizes growth

  • Contributes to the early development of the rumen

  • Improves profitability (better milk production career)

Format: Bag of 15 kg - Powder


Digestive Security

Delta® Argivo SE

Delta® ARGIVO® SE ensures very early spontaneous consumption, supporting the calf at start-up and helping it to get through the "immune gap". It can also be used as part of an intervention plan to combat digestive disorders in young ruminants.


  • Avoids slippage during a phase of critical growth: tranquility

  • Ensures rapid and spontaneous consumption: 2 times more consumed than clay

  • Slows down transit of the animal

Format: Bag of 15 kg - Powder

Argivo SE  

Delta® pH Control UAB

Delta pH CONTROL is a product designed to reduce the risk of acidosis in dairy and beef cattle. Presented in powder form, it provides economically sustainable and profitable protection for acid-generating rations, by limiting drops in ruminal pH.


  • Keeps the pH of the rumen at a constant level for more safety

  • Has a high buffering capacity, thanks to an association of clays

Formats: Bag of 25 kg, 625 kg Big-Bag - Powder

Delta pH Control UAB  

Respiratory Comfort

Delta® Respimint GR

Delta Respimint Gr is a complementary feed formulated with essential oils to help maintain the growth performance of young animals under respiratory stress. It is a highly palatable product that can be consumed quickly by young weaned animals.


  • Contributes to respiratory comfort

  • Maximises growth

  • Contributes to better adaptation

Format: Bucket of 10 kg - Powder

Respimint Gr   

Energy Precursors

Delta® Green

Delta® Green is a functional liquid product made up of different sugars with complementary actions and plants that provide energy support during parturition.


  • Stimulates ruminal activity

  • Increases ingestion

  • Brings high quality energy sources (sugars and plants)

Formats: 25 kg or 60 kg canister, 250 kg barrel or 1200 kg tank - Liquid

Delta Green  

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