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Phyto-expertise: a major research priority at Deltavit

With its expertise in animal nutrition and its know-how in phyto-nutrition, Deltavit offers a range of natural and innovative nutritional solutions.

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DELTAVIT, phyto-expertise has been the core of the business for years

In the world of animal nutrition and health, phyto-expertise stands for an innovative, holistic approach that harnesses the benefits of plants to enhance the welfare and performance of livestock.

It is based on a profound understanding of the phytochemical compounds found in different plants, in addition to their effect on animal physiology and health. Such expertise enables us to develop natural solutions rich in phytonutrients, which help to boost the immune system, promote healthy digestion and cut down on the use of medication

DELTAVIT farm specialities incorporate the full range of this work. In a context of cost savings and demedicalisation, these products are of major interest to livestock farming. However, the formulation of such products is a complex science that requires any number of stages before it yields effective animal feeds.

At Deltavit, Phyto-Expertise rests on three major factors

  • Ingredients carefully selected and qualified
  • Effectiveness scientifically tested and proven in the field
  • Optimal galenic presentations

Major research resources dedicated to phyto-expertise and product control

To be effective, phyto-expertise in animal feed requires the input of significant resources, whether for product research and development or for the analytical control of the plant extracts and essential oils used in the products. 

Significant technical investments have been made in the Group’s analysis laboratory to acquire state-of-the-art equipment: gas chromatography in tandem with mass spectrometry techniques.

The Group’s expertise in this area has resulted in a patent application on the use of a plant extract from Scutellaria Baïcalensis, which enables the sound management of dairy production in cattle, sows and doe rabbits.


Today, this knowledge in phyto-expertise has been put to good use in a number of products in the DELTAVIT range, marketed in France and exported.



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